3 Types of Emails Your Online Shop Should be Automating

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Do you have an email list for your online shop?  If not, you need to get started- like yesterday!  If good ol’ Zuckerberg decides to shut it down, you could completely lose your followers that you have worked so hard to cultivate.  An email list is yours- you have the connection with those potential customers to revisit again and again. Whether your list is 100 people or 100K, there are certain emails your subscribers should be receiving from your online shop.  I am sharing my top 3 automations here. 

1- Email Welcome Series

Whether customers join your email list through your website pop up, Instagram bio, or VIP group, it is important to start off the relationship right. 

I like to do a series of 3 emails, spaced about 5 days apart. 

The first email should be a brief welcome to the brand, and provide them with the offer they signed up for. (Often a small discount for their first purchase.) It is also helpful to lay out what the subscriber can expect from you, like the frequency of new items. 

The second email in the series should tell your brand story.  Why did you open your shop?  What is the meaning behind the name?  How do you create your products?  It doesn’t have to be lengthy to provide value.  Giving subscribers a peek behind the brand gives them more buy-in and loyalty. 

The third email in the welcome series should tell your subscribers all the benefits of being your customer.  This is a great place to cross promote your other platforms.  Link your Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, and ask for a follow. Do you have a Facebook VIP group?  Invite them to join.  Tell them about programs you may offer, like rewards, referrals, and reviews.

2. Abandoned Cart Email

Have you ever been shopping online, get to checkout, go look for your credit card, and then have your dog puke all over the carpet, or your kid bump their head, and completely forget about the transaction? 

Just me?

It’s a fact that people have short attention spans, and we are constantly inundated with distractions.  It’s easy to set up an automated reminder email to go out and nudge your customer to complete their purchase.  For higher ticket items, this is a great place to remind them about why your product is superior or the best solution for them.  

3. We Miss You!

I love these emails to retarget customers that have not shopped with you in a while.  This may not be well-suited for seasonal or one time purchase shops, but is great for consumables and clothing. 

I like to do a series of 2-3 emails for the “We miss you” series.  How often does your typical customer return to shop at your store?  Set your parameters just outside this timeframe.  If your typical shopper returns every 6 weeks, set these emails to go out at the 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16-week mark. 

Here is an opportunity to show your brand personality and remind people why they shopped with you. “Baby, come back!” or “We have Abandonment Issues” make good subject lines here. 

Showcase your newest collection, or raving customer reviews. 

As a final effort, you can even offer them a discount to come back and shop with you again. 

It is much easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than to find new ones. Use these email automations to grow and nurture relationships with your customers and your brand can flourish!

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