5 Best Social Media Schedulers – Pros & Cons

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If you’ve found yourself scrambling at the last minute to upload a social media post for the day—this blog post is for you!

Social media is a great marketing strategy to reach a large audience interested in your products or services. However, it takes time to produce content to ensure you’re prepared for the weeks and months ahead.

A social media scheduler, such as Planoly or Storrito, can give you the flexibility to batch content, upload it, and schedule it for exactly when you want it published on your platform of choice.

These scheduling tools help you stay consistent and significantly reduce the chances of forgetting to get your post up on time!

Social Media Scheduler Comparison

There are so many different social media schedulers to choose from—how do you know which one is right for your business? We’re breaking down the top 5 best social media schedulers to help make your decision a little less complicated.


What platforms does Later support? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok

Pro: Later provides user-generated content for when you’re down to the wire or feeling uninspired. Personalize your post, schedule it, and you’re ready to go!

Con: If you’re looking for in-depth analytics, Later may not be the scheduling tool for you.


What platforms does Tailwind support? Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

Pro: With Tailwind, you no longer have to worry about bouncing from one app to the next to create the perfect post. Create, design, and schedule content all within one app.

Con: Tailwind could improve its platform to be more intuitive for its users.


What platforms does Planoly support? Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter

Pro: Planoly allows you to preview your scheduled Instagram feed so you know exactly what your followers will see once they’ve posted.

Con: Planoly’s free version offers limited features.

Facebook Creator Studio

What platforms does FB Creator Studio support? Facebook and Instagram

Pro: It’s free! And it is the scheduling tool native to the platform.

Con: Since FB Creator Studio is only available for Facebook and Instagram—you may be better off looking for an all-inclusive scheduling tool if you’re managing other platform types. This tool can be a little glitchy.


What platforms does Storrito support? Facebook and Instagram

Pro: Storrito is the only scheduling tool you can schedule and auto-post stories with.

Con: Storrito does not offer a mobile app.

*Learn more about why we love Storrito here!*

Mama Hen Media Helps Entrepreneurs Save Time

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by all of your options or you’re looking to take social media off your plate altogether—our team of marketing strategists is here to help.

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