5 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

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Blogs often intimidate people because they take time before you see any return. However, once you have a blog set up and established—they are often highly profitable. So, how can you set yourself up for success from the very beginning?


Pinterest can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your blog.

The Importance of a Pinterest Business Account

Are you ready to jump in and start promoting your blog on Pinterest? 

Your very first step will be to set up a business account with Pinterest. Having a business account will give you the opportunity to view analytics related to your account and pins—giving you the insight you need to know so that you can keep showing up in meaningful ways for your audience.  

Analytics will help you determine:  

  • What type of content is getting more traffic?  
  • How does your blog content need to change moving forward?  

Learn more about how to set up your business account here

Once your business account is set up be sure to claim your website.  

Claiming your website allows you to:  

  • Add a follow button on your website 
  • Have a website verification symbol added to your profile 
  • Receive a red or blue checkmark on your profile 

Each added layer of verification and authenticity reassures your followers you are trustworthy!  

How to Make a Blog SEO Friendly-Keyword Research for Your Blog and Pinterest Account

How will your ideal reader find your content?

One of the most important areas of marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can improve your blog’s SEO by doing thorough keyword research.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my audience looking for?
  • What blog content am I providing?
  • What types of words are potential readers typing in to their search engines to find this content?

Once you determine your keywords and what words people are using to find the type of content you’re providing—you’re on the track to having a very successful blog.

Did you know that keywords are not only for websites and blogs? Keyword research is critical for SEO on all platforms. Pinterest is no different. If you’re hoping to catch the eye of someone searching for the information you’re sharing—be sure to check out our blog about where to find keywords for Pinterest and how to use them.

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog with Compelling Visuals

Pinterest is a visual search engine! That means your pin visuals need to be aesthetically pleasing to draw in the right audience.
Here are three things to include when creating a new pin:

  • Compelling Visuals
  • Clear and to the Point Messaging
  • Text Overlay (when needed)

Original brand photography will always be the best option, but when reality strikes and your own images are not available—there are many great stock image programs too. We love Ivory Mix whenever we need to grab a quick photo that matches the rest of our branding well. You can learn more about Ivory Mix here!

Adding the Save Button to Your Website

Have you ever been browsing a website—maybe for a new recipe or a craft for your little one—and wished you could save it for later?

Adding the save button to your website increases the chances of pinners revisiting your website to view your blog when they have time to move forward with whatever information you are offering.

The save button makes finding your content easier for an already interested reader—making things a whole lot simpler for you too!

Consistency is Key

Finally, pin consistently. We know waiting to see results can be frustrating, but Pinterest often takes a minimum of 3 months to begin seeing actual results. It’s critical that you remain consistent on the platform so that you can see the results you’re hoping for.

Work with Mama Hen Media

Pinterest is a whole new way of marketing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our team of marketing specialists is excited to learn all about your business and help you create a Pinterest and blog marketing strategy that will have your business growing in ways you never expected! Let’s discuss your options.

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