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online business owner sitting in a chair to Discover how to harness the power of ConvertKit automation rules to streamline your email marketing efforts. Learn the ins and outs of creating effective automations that nurture your leads and convert them into loyal clients. Get expert tips on understanding and implementing ConvertKit automation rules

Understanding and Implementing ConvertKit Automation Rules

If you're looking for a way to create personalized experiences for your subscribers without spending hours doing manual work, you'll love ConvertKit's Automation Rules and Visual Automations. These tools are amazing for crafting custom subscriber journeys that save you time and effort. Let’s take a closer look at what Automation Rules are, how they differ from Visual Automations, and how you can use them to create amazing experiences for your subscribers.

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hands holding cell phone looking at Pinterest

Why Pinterest Isn't the Right Platform for Your Black Friday Offers

It’s that time of year….everyone is gearing up for Black Friday to snag the best deals they’ve been waiting for all year. As an online entrepreneur, you’re likely planning a special offer of your own to promote during this season. Are you carefully selecting the right platforms to share your offer to your potential customers? While Pinterest has its merits, it is probably not the best place to share your Black Friday promos.

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White steps represent the steps you need to take to build a content funnel that will convert leads and increase conversion rates.

10 Steps to Building a Content Funnel That Will Boost Your Conversions

Are you struggling to convert website visitors into leads or customers? Do you feel like your content isn't getting the attention it deserves? If so, it might be time to examine your content funnel. It's a powerful way to build relationships with your audience, establish your brand as an authority, and ultimately increase your conversions. But where do you start? In this blog post, I will walk you through 10 steps to building a content funnel that will boost your conversions.

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The Role of Content in Your Funnel Strategy

Are you tired of struggling to attract and retain customers through your marketing funnel? As an online specialist, consultant, or coach, you know that your marketing funnel strategy is critical to your success. But have you considered the role that content plays in that strategy? From attracting your ideal audience to nurturing leads, and then converting them into a customer, content can make or break your funnel success. It’s time to discover how content can transform your funnel by captivating potential customers, nurturing leads, and sealing the deal on conversions.

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