Boost Your Productivity with Content Batching

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A female entrepreneur in a black button up shirt is using a black computer to learn how to batch her content.

Have you ever sat down to work and found your mind bouncing from one task to the another? Or to complete one project you open and close several tabs?

Your ability to multitask only goes so far!

Content batching is an easy way to improve workflow processes and increase productivity.

How to Batch Content for Social Media

Content batching is simple and can be used in many different areas of your business—online and off!

For best results, we recommend to:

  • Plan Your Content – Plan out your content by creating a content calendar. Be sure to include holidays, launches, sales, and new blog post dates!
  • Identify Your Content Pillars – Once you’ve identified any notable dates for your business, write out a few topics you want to share about consistently. These “content pillars” should be 3-5 themes that are important to your brand.
  • Batch Your Content – Now that you have set your foundation, you’re ready to tackle your content in batches. One day you may spend an hour or two writing captions for the month. The next, you’ll spend your time creating visuals.
  • Repurpose Your Content – Once all of your content has been created, you can begin repurposing it across multiple platforms.

While this may not appear to save you time in the moment, it’s actually one of the best productivity techniques you can implement. It allows your brain to stay in the same mindset throughout the task, helping you stay focused and get more done.

Benefits of Batching Content

As a busy business owner, there are never enough hours in the day. Learning new planning techniques, will allow you to focus and increase your efficiency!

A few benefits of content batching include:

  • Save Time (and money!) – As a result of staying on task, your productivity will skyrocket allowing you to get more done in less time!
  • Cohesive Messaging – Clear messaging is essential for every business. Writing all your captions at once allows your messaging to stay consistent throughout the month.
  • Post Consistently – Say goodbye to last minute content creation or missed posts. Content batching ensures you’re always prepared for the month ahead.

Improve Your Workflow with Mama Hen Media

We want to help you get ahead and stay ahead so that your business can continue to grow. Our Mama Hen Media team understands that time constraints often hinder business owners from being able to keep up with their online platforms.

That’s where we come in!

If you’re looking to implement an effective content marketing plan that is cohesive across all of your platforms—let’s chat!

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