How to Rank Higher on Etsy

Getting your products seen by the right audience is one of the primary obstacles new business owners face. Getting your products seen in a heavily saturated market—is even more challenging. Etsy is a great platform for getting your online business started, but with all the other merchants competing for attention, it’s important to understand Etsy’s ranking algorithms and to know how to optimize your Etsy shop.

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Should Your Shop Be On Etsy or Shopify?

Have you created a product that you now want to sell online? One of the first decisions you will have to make is where to sell it. Assuming it is a handmade product, the the most obvious choices are Etsy and Shopify. But which one is best? After working with many clients with online shops, I find that they most often start out with Etsy, because it's the easiest point of entry to online selling. Once they start to grow, shops often move to their own Shopify website.

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