It's time to create a content marketing strategy that builds brand trust, drives traffic, and converts leads into customers

Content Strategy Sessions

As an online specialist, coach, or consultant, you already understand the importance of connecting with your ideal customer to grow your business

But are you unsure how to intentionally utilize content marketing to take your business growth to the next level?

If you are…

You're not alone.

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Many businesses struggle to develop a successful content marketing strategy.  It can be overwhelming!

That’s why I offer support to help you navigate organic marketing in the online space, so you can get visible and expand your growth!

Let’s create a customized marketing plan that you can use over and over again. 

Don’t let a lack of strategy keep you from achieving your content marketing goals.


Meet Samantha

Content Marketing Strategist

Samantha Weckesser is the founder and CEO of Mama Hen Media. With a passion for empowering women-owned businesses, Mama Hen Media offers holistic organic content marketing solutions, including Pinterest marketing, email marketing, blogging, and social media.

As a seasoned online marketing expert with a track record of success spanning 5 years, Samantha and the Mama Hen Media team have assisted countless clients in achieving their goals through a combination of expert strategy and effective implementation.

Content Strategy Sessions are designed to help online specialists, coaches, and consultants like you build a comprehensive content marketing strategy that will drive growth – organically!


Together we’ll address some common content marketing roadblocks:

-Lack of clarity in content direction and goals

-Difficulty creating content that resonates with your ideal customer

-Ineffective distribution and promotion strategies

-Inadequate tracking and measurement of success

-Inefficient, inconsistent, or uninspired content

I will:

Together we can figure out what’s working and what needs improvement so your business can thrive.

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So how does it work?

Your unique organic content marketing funnel can include a variety of tools and platforms to achieve your goals. We’ll focus on key components of your overall strategy, including social media, e-mail marketing, blogging, and Pinterest. You’ll learn how they each work together to create an impact for your brand.

After I help you identify opportunities to align, improve, and streamline your content, my team and I will create a robust action plan for you to implement so you can consistently connect with your audience, demonstrate your authority, drive traffic to your website and explode your growth online!

My Content Strategy Sessions are designed to be value-filled, providing you with a customized action plan for success. With my support, you’ll be able to create and promote content that builds brand trust, drives traffic, and ultimately converts leads into customers.

Your investment

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What You Get

It’s time to invest in your business’s success. Book below!

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