Show up and serve your audience to glow up your business in 2024!

bundle dates: January 22-31 2024

Let's supercharge your email list with hundreds of new potential customers and clients, all while giving your brand massive exposure! ​

I'm Samantha Weckesser, marketing strategist and the founder of Mama Hen Media. 

I'm so excited that you are interested in joining my free bundle, “Show Up, Glow Up.”  This is your chance to shower your current audience with amazing free gifts on topics that you don't normally cover while being seen as the new go-to expert for tons of of new people. 

While I can't guarantee results, by participating in Show Up, Glow Up, you can expect to gain hundreds of new subscribers. 

This is the perfect bundle
for you if:

  • You serve online entrepreneurs in the beginning to intermediate stages of their business journey
  • You have a low ticket offer that can help your audience glow up their business in 2024 (and you're willing to give it away for free!)
  • You want to grow your email list and credibility of your brand 
  • You can commit to promoting Show Up, Glow Up to your audience per the promotion schedule

How It Works For You


Please confirm that you're interested in participating in this incredible free bundle by 11/8/23 via the application form.


You have until 12/10/23 to submit your free gift. I ask that you please submit your free gift as well as all the details required.


Share! Let your audience know all about this FREE bundle by sharing out the registration page starting on 1/22/24. I'll share swipe files to make sharing really easy for you.


Get ready to enjoy all your new subscribers. Watch your sales and subscriber numbers soar throughout the bundle. Make sure to nurture all your new friends. 

How It Works For Your Audience

Your audience arrives on the free registration page for the Show Up, Glow Up bundle on 1/22-1/31/24.

After signing up through the registration page, your audience will receive a special link to the gift page.

Your audience gets to pick and choose and individually sign up for the gifts that they want.

Everybody is happy and walks away with amazing gifts that's going to help them glow up their online business in 2024.

Promotional requirements

As a contributor to the Show Up, Glow Up Bundle, you are required to participate in promotional activities. 

The minimum requirement is ONE post on your main social media and ONE email to your list about the bundle. Don't worry- I will give you swipe files to use.  

gift requirements

➡️ Keep in mind: the higher quality the gift, the more sign ups you will get!

Naturally, we’ll create a bigger buzz & get more eyeballs on this bundle if our collection of free gifts as a whole sounds super impressive.

Your gift must be something:

1) You could charge $17- $147 for. 

2) Isn’t currently on your site for free.

3) Everyone can have instant access to 

4) No quizzes, contests, 1:1 calls with you, cheesy pdfs or webinar replays with a “full-on pitch” of your paid offers (A brief mention of where they can learn more about your paid offer is fine.)

Tripwires and upsells are permitted!



Please note: To keep this bundle high value for all contributors, I will only be accepting ONE participant per topic/specialty. 



female entrepreneur feeling happy and free in her business

want to be a vip?


I have 5 VIP spots available for $99 each. 

By upgrading to a VIP spot,  you will get:  

→ VIP branding to stand out from the other gifts

→ Key locations on the giveaway page

→ Heavily featured on all promotion materials

→ A solo feature on Mama Hen Media Instagram stories

If you are interested in a VIP spot, please indicate that on your application. 

Important Dates

November 8, 2023

The last day to apply to the Show Up, Glow Up Bundle.

December 10, 2023

The last day to submit your free gift to the bundle.

January 8, 2024

Swipe files will be provided so you can create and schedule your 2 promotional emails and 2 social media posts.

January 22-31, 2024

The Show Up, Glow Up Bundle is live.

Got Questions?

Please email me at and I'll be in touch. I need to hear from you by November 8, 2023 if you'd like to be part of the Show Up Glow Up Bundle.

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