How to Find the Email Service Provider That is Right for You

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Ready to improve your email marketing strategy or find a more suitable email software for your online shop?  

We’re diving into several Email Service Providers (ESP) to help you determine which one is most suitable for your business’ size and needs. 

An ESP is an email marketing software that helps you improve your email marketing with helpful resources and tools. A good ESP will allow you to build email templates, manage incoming data, and target your audience in a way that isn’t possible with other marketing strategies. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an Email Service Provider for your Small Business?

There are many areas of business that an Email Service Provider can improve.  

Whether you’re looking to get more organized, bring in more leads, or set up email automation—an ESP that functions well and provides valuable data is crucial! 

Email marketing software, like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, allow you to get to know your customers even better, provide them with limited-time offers, and stay connected.  

A Comparison of the Most Popular Online Email Account Services

Are you unsure of what email provider is best or looking to find a better solution for your online shop? Finding an ESP that checks all of the boxes can be challenging. 

Here is a breakdown of several of the most popular ESPs, including the email marketing software we use and love, Klaviyo:  


Pro: Provides real-time data on every aspect of your email marketing, including predictive analytics, site behaviors, and customer profiles.  

Con: One of the more expensive ESP options available. 

Klaviyo is our choice for an Email Service Provider for e-commerce  because of the extensive analytics reporting and the opportunity to segment your audience and retarget them! 

Find all about Klaviyo here! 


Pro: A cheaper option for small businesses with up to 12,000 emails sent a month for FREE. 

Con: Challenging approval system. Some users find that their account is not approved, with very little to no explanation why.  

Learn more about Mailerlite here.  


Pro: Intuitive, easy to navigate, and very user-friendly with over 100 pre-designed email templates. 

Con: Inability to play videos within newsletters as well as poor online customer support.  

Find out more about Mailchimp’s features and costs here! 


Pro: Pre-built email automations for commonly used email sequences like Abandon Cart and the Welcome Series.  

Con: Limited design capabilities compared to other ESPs available.  

Learn more about Omnisend here. 


Pro: A flat-rate, year-round, unlike other ESPs that increase as the subscriber list grows.  

Con: No free version beyond the trial period.  Poor retargeting capabilities.

Find out more about this creative email marketing software here. 

Choosing between the various ESPs may take time and some trial and error. Many of them offer the same features but function differently. If you find that one platform isn’t working for you, consider starting a trial on another until you find a good fit for your business. 

Getting Started with Your New Email Service Provider

If you’re still feeling stuck, we’re happy to chat with you!  

Our marketing specialists can assist you in setting up and managing your email marketing software to ensure you experience effective email marketing without the hassle of learning a new email marketing platform. Apply to work with the Mama Hen Media team today!


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