How Canva Makes Video Editing Easy

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A woman in a pink sweater holds a silver laptop in her lap. She is using Canva for her small business.

Online marketing is multifaceted and requires many different skills. There are several great tools and resources available to us when creating new marketing materials.  

One resource that has become a vital tool at Mama Hen Media is Canva. We love how versatile and simple the platform is. Our top 3 reasons for choosing Canva for most of our marketing needs, include:  

  • A User-Friendly Platform 
  • Many Useful Features 
  • Continued Education 

Canva is an intuitive platform allowing you to do everything from creating social media posts, physical flyers, editing videos, and more.  

Benefits of Using Canva for Business

One thing that we can all agree on is that most video editors are far from easy to navigate. Canva recognizes this issue and has paved the way for a simple, easy-to-use video editor.  

If you know how to navigate Canva to create stagnant social media posts then learning the video editor will be no feat at all.  

Canva’s video editor gives you access to all of the same great features as traditional editors—without the hassle!

The Rise in Popularity of Video Content

What type of content do you find yourself enjoying the most when mindlessly scrolling the internet?  

More often than not, videos beat out all other types of content on the internet. Your audience is likely engaging with short, catchy, and relatable videos such as: 

  • TikTok 
  • Reels on Instagram 
  • Video Pins on Pinterest 
  • Stories on Facebook and Instagram

If you’re looking to increase your engagement across all social media platforms—video content is the way to go. It will catch your audience’s eye and hold their attention—but not for too long. 

Tips for Creating an Effective Video

With the increase in readily available content and the need to always be entertained, our attention spans have significantly reduced over the last several years.  

You now have approximately 3 seconds to capture your target audience’s attention.  

When creating a video, Canva recommends keeping these things in mind: 

  • Make the first 3 seconds count
  • Keep it short and catchy (3-4 seconds per scene) 
  • Make it relatable to your target audience 
  • Create a narrative 
  • Add relevant music 

Marketing Made Simple

Canva has been a crucial tool for our team! If you’re ready to experience marketing made easy—try Canva Pro for FREE now. 

However, we understand as business owners there are already many moving parts for you to manage. Mama Hen Media’s team of marketing experts is ready to take on your next project. Get in touch with us today!


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