How to Create Consistent Content for Marketing Your Brand

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Notebook open on desk ready to create content to market your brand online

Staying on top of everything required to keep your business afloat is no small feat. One element of a growing brand is creating consistent content for your online audience.  

This can be exhausting—we get it!  

However, keep in mind creating relevant content is important to engage, connect, and grow your audience. When you remain consistent, it boosts your credibility, improves your brand recognition, and allows you to always have new and fresh content to share with your followers.  

Plan and Batch Out Your Content

Do you have a content marketing strategy? Creating a content calendar and planning your content is one way to improve your consistency. When you know the type of content that is coming up in the next few weeks or months, it will help you feel more prepared when you are ready to sit down and batch out content.  

Planning ahead with a content calendar will help:  

  • Prevent Writer’s Block 
  • Increase Variety  
  • Boost Your Productivity  

Helpful Tools to Schedule Your Content

One reason many creators find that they are not consistent with their content is that they get caught up in other areas of work. When it comes time to post their content, it slips to the backburner and never gets done.  

The good news? Many tools allow you to schedule your content ahead of time. These scheduling tools allow you to upload your visuals, captions, hashtags, and more.  

A few scheduling tool options include:  

Instead of trying to remember every time a new post is supposed to go live, you can batch upload your content and have it ready to go for the entire month! 

Simplify Content Creation with Templates

Trying to come up with fresh ideas for every blog, post, or pin you create is challenging. Templates reduce the amount of time you must put in. Whether you are using templates provided by others or have created your own library of templates to use, having templates can significantly simplify the content creation process.  

You may be surprised how many different types of templates are available! Everything from customizable graphic templates to email and caption templates.  

Build a Stock Photo Library

Where do you source your photos from? While having your own branded photos is always ideal, it may not be a reality for you in this season of your business.  

Stock photos allow you to create good, consistent content. However, the challenge is to stay on brand when using a variety of stock photo sites.  

To help prevent your visuals from looking inconsistent, begin building a stock photo library that remains true to your brand. This library will help you improve the quality of your content and create content quickly because you will know exactly where your images are coming from.  

How Mama Hen Media Makes Content Creation Easy

Here at Mama Hen Media, we understand the challenges that come with creating consistent content. There are so many different aspects of marketing your business that demand your time and energy—content planning and creation doesn’t need to be one of them.  

We’ve created a content planning calendar with you in mind! This planning calendar will simplify your content planning and help you start being more consistent in all areas of your content marketing.  

How to create consistent content to market your brand