How to Create Quality Content for Your Business for Effective Marketing

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People value when you take the time to provide quality content that they are actually able to use.  

Written content is not the only way to get your resources into the world. Is writing not your thing? Consider making a video or starting a podcast instead!  

People learn and like to consume information in different ways. We must offer a mix of content formats. The main type of content you should be creating for your audience will depend largely on the industry you're in and the consumer you are targeting. 

One thing that remains the same is the need to produce quality content that engages and builds trust with your audience.  

So, what makes good content?  

Why You Need Quality Content to Build as a Brand

Selling your services without establishing a solid foundation with your customers is sure to lead to distrust and uncertainty. By providing quality content you have the opportunity to:  

  • Show them that you know your stuff 
  • Increase brand awareness  

These two pieces of your content marketing plan are essential.  

Just about anyone can piece together some type of video, information for a blog, or a social media post, but that doesn’t mean that it is going to be good, quality content!  

It takes time and refined skills to know how to create content to market your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating new content:  

  • Who are you trying to reach? Who is reading/watching/listening to your content?  
  • What value does this bring to your audience? How can you best serve them?  
  • What type of content will you provide?  

If you have a firm understanding of these three elements, you will be far more prepared as you begin tackling content creation.  

Key Elements of High-Quality Content

Now comes the fun part—creating new content for your audience. If you were able to establish the who (audience), what (value), and how (type) of your content, you are ready to begin brainstorming new ideas.  

Here are a few elements to remember as you create high-quality content:  

Quality Control 

If your content does not exude quality, you will lose readers or viewers quickly. Keep your standards for your content high.  

Blogs should be free of grammatical errors, and podcasts should have crisp audio. When creating a video, make sure you have good lighting and take the time to edit it well. If you are taking new images for content marketing, they need to be clear and well-lit.  

Search Intent and Relevancy  

A key component of creating quality resources is also understanding your audience’s search intent, or the reason they are searching for the content. All searches fall under these four categories: 

  • Informational 
  • Navigational 
  • Transactional 
  • Commercial Investigation  

Knowing this will help you determine which keywords to use and how to structure your content.  

Accurate and Up to Date 

You must do thorough research to ensure you are providing accurate information that is also up to date. Your audience can tell the difference between well-researched content and information quickly put together for the sake of another post, video, email, etc.  

Clear and Engaging 

No matter the type of content you create, keep it engaging. A part of creating engaging content is for it to be formatted correctly. For example, blogs should have clear headings, high-quality photos or videos to break up reading time, and not be too wordy or technical.  

Ultimately, quality content means answering your customer’s burning questions! 

  • What do they need help with?  
  • How can you support them as they grow?  
  • What type of information are they interested in learning more about?  

Make a Plan for Your Content with Mama Hen Media

You want and need to be able to put out good content to attract new customers and retain old ones, but good content marketing takes time.  

Our team of marketing experts can help you develop and implement a content marketing plan customized specifically for your business. We are ready to create quality content to help you grow your business this year. Schedule a free discovery call today to get started!  

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