How to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

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Stepping into the world of marketing can feel a little paralyzing if you’re unsure of your next steps. You may have a million questions going through your mind as you attempt to determine which marketing strategies you should start utilizing for your business.

The list of ways and methods of marketing your business is lengthy. Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Email Marketing are just a few of the many platforms you could use.

So, which ones are essential for helping your business grow and thrive?

The answer varies. However, one thing remains the same across the board for nearly every business in existence—everyone should be using email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an effective way of connecting with your audience and building relationships to keep them engaged with and interested in your brand.

It allows you to send valuable resources and information straight to your customers’ inboxes. Often, this alerts them via a notification on their phone, computer, or tablet. There are not many other marketing methods that offer such direct access to your audience.

While it may be tempting to approach email marketing with the mindset of getting more sales, keep in mind that connecting and nurturing your audience should be your primary focus.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Whether your email subscribers are current customers or have never purchased anything from you before, there is a reason they are on your email list. You have something to offer that they want or need.

While other avenues of marketing your business are helpful—you don’t own them. At any given time, Pinterest or Facebook could go down. If that was the only connection you had to your followers, you’ve lost them too!

As we mentioned previously, email marketing is about nurturing your audience more than getting direct sales. Here are a few ideas of how you can use email marketing to grow your business:

  • Inform your subscribers of new content
  • Share new products
  • Send a monthly newsletter
  • Offer free resources
  • Tell your brand story

How Mama Hen Media Can Help with Your Email Marketing

We understand that marketing can feel like an insurmountable mountain at times. As a business owner, you have many areas of business that demand your attention. Email marketing does require time to ensure you are targeting your audience well and providing the resources and information they want.

Here at Mama Hen Media, we’ve streamlined our process and provide email marketing services to busy business owners just like you.

How we can help:

  • Email Service Provider (ESP) Set Up
  • Create Regular Newsletters
  • Lead Magnet + Landing Page Creation
  • Email Sequences and Automation

Are you looking for a good ESP? We use and love ConvertKit for all things email marketing, but you can read our recent blog comparing the most popular email service providers to find out which one will meet your needs best!

Elevate Your Email Marketing with Mama Hen Media

When it comes to marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Together we can establish a custom email marketing plan that suits your business needs to help you keep your email subscribers engaged.

If email marketing isn’t your thing, book a discovery call today to see how Mama Hen Media can help you grow and nurture your audience through a custom content marketing plan!

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