How to Nurture Your Audience with Email Marketing Automation

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Your shop is set up, beautiful, and ready for business… now what?  

Email Marketing is a crucial component of your marketing strategy. If you are looking for a comprehensive way to keep the audience engaged—there is no better way than to set up email automations that nurture your audience with minimal effort. 

Email marketing automations are sets of emails scheduled to be sent on different days to your email list to accomplish a specific goal.  

Once they’ve been written and scheduled—they’re completely hands-off, unless, of course, you’re looking to gather invaluable data such as what actions your audience is taking or how well your email sequence is doing.  

Email Automation Flows are also helpful for: 

  • Increasing Your Revenue  
  • Creating Brand Awareness 
  • Saving You Time 

The Importance of a Welcome Sequence

Several different email flows can be set up depending on your business and its needs. A few of those sequences include:  

  • Welcome  
  • Abandon Cart 
  • Abandon Browse  
  • Customer Re-engagement

The goal of each email automation flow is different.  

A Welcome Sequence’s primary goal is to nurture your audience. You’ve drawn them in with an enticing offer, but now you must show them that you are worth sticking around for. Every time one of your emails pops into their inbox, you’re reminding them of your business and what you have to offer.

After each email, we recommend waiting 3-5 days before scheduling another email. This allows your audience time to consider what you’ve shared and opens up days to send new product releases! 

How to Create a Revenue Boosting Welcome Sequence

Here at Mama Hen Media, we recognize the importance of taking time to let your audience get to know you is crucial. That’s why we recommend a minimum of three emails to begin your Welcome Sequence—expanding as makes sense for your business.  

Email #1 – Welcome & Offer  

The initial email sent in your Welcome Flow should be short, sweet, and to the point. Think about the last time you gave your email for a resource or discount. Most likely, you immediately went to check your email for the offer.  

Don’t leave them waiting—welcome your new subscriber and provide them with what they are looking for. 

Email #2 – About Yourself and Your Brand 

After a few days, send your next email with the goal of building trust and a relationship with the subscriber.  

Share a story about how your business began, a little about your family, or your passion for what you do. Connecting with your audience is vital. 

Email #3 – Check Out Our Bestsellers  

Your primary goal with the Welcome Sequence is to nurture your audience, but that doesn’t mean completely ignoring the fact that you have products to offer!  

If your subscribers had no interest in what you had to offer, they wouldn’t be on your email list to begin with. This is a great time to share a few of your most popular shop items. 

Email #4 – Reviews 

Are some of your subscribers still not taking action? They’ve seen your products, but maybe they are unsure of taking the next step.

Reviews and testimonials are a great way of showing your audience what products other customers like and why they should move forward with purchasing one too! 

Perfecting Your Email Marketing Automation

Once you have your initial email sequence set up, you may consider adding additional emails specific to your business, such as: 

  • Follow Along and Learn – A business owner that is highly involved on social media may encourage her audience to follow along on her various social media platforms.
  • The Perfect Gift – If you have unique shop offers—such as gift cards or subscriptions—add an email highlighting these things.  

Outsource Your Marketing

Email Marketing Automation is an incredibly useful way to reach your audience! They’re completely customizable to fit your needs and will ultimately save you time and money.  

Our team of marketing experts is ready to work with you to create an effective email marketing strategy that nurtures your audience and boosts your revenue! Find out how we can help today!