How to Rank Higher on Etsy

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Getting your products seen by the right audience is one of the primary obstacles new business owners face. Getting your products seen in a heavily saturated market—is even more challenging.   

Etsy is a great platform for getting your online business started, but with all the other merchants competing for attention, it’s important to understand Etsy’s ranking algorithms and to know how to optimize your Etsy shop. The two primary ways to be found on Etsy are by:

  • Utilizing Your Etsy Stats 
  • Researching Relevant Keywords 

How to Use SEO Optimization on Etsy to increase ranking

Ranking well on Etsy is dependent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specific to the platform. As with many online platforms improving your SEO ranking is crucial for getting eyes on your shop.   

On Etsy, you will need to use keywords to bring in more traffic to be seen by your ideal buyer. These keywords will be used in:   

  • Titles 
  • Tags   
  • Attributes  

Writing your titles and tags is not a one-and-done job. You will need to keep them up to date with the latest keywords to ensure they remain relevant to your buyers. Etsy uses these titles and tags to find the best listings for each individual buyer based on what they are searching for.   

Researching and using keywords that rank well for your listing, business, and audience will help buyers find you more easily. Your stats are a great resource for learning more about which keywords work and which ones do not!  

etsy shop success tips-How to Utilize Your Etsy Stats

The search results each shopper sees will look different. Etsy’s primary goal is to get listings in front of customers that are most likely going to buy them.   

Therefore, understanding how to utilize your Etsy stats is imperative to understanding how to rank higher on the platform.   

Your stats cover a wide range of information regarding your shop and listings, including:   

  • Metrics – visits, orders, conversion rate, and revenue 
  • Traffic Source – search bar, social media, ads, etc. 
  • Listing Views – views, favorites, orders, and revenue  

You will want to pay close attention to your “Search Terms” stats to give you insight into which keywords are working for you. As well as your “Views” stats to learn more about how often your listings are viewed and which search terms brought in the most traffic. 

For a more detailed look at what is available under your Etsy stats, click here!  

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