How to Start Seeing Results Using Pinterest for Business

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How to Start Seeing Results-Using Pinterest for Business

You took the leap and decided to try something new for your business.


You're going through all the motions, but it just doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere. What can you do to start seeing the results you’ve been working so hard for?

It’s important to keep in mind, results take time. However, there are some strategies worth mentioning to ensure you are making the most of your Pinterest marketing.

The Importance of Pinterest

First, let's talk about why you should be on Pinterest.  

Pinterest is best for businesses looking to: 

Grow their brand awareness 

Get in front of new audiences 

Drive traffic to their website 

Generate leads

Pinterest is the only platform where people are actively planning for what’s next in their life. This is the perfect opportunity to meet people at the beginning of a new project and walk through the entire decision-making process right alongside them.  

Pinterest is a search and discovery platform. Its users come to the platform to find new recipes, home renovation inspiration, or the latest fashion trends.  

Pinners don’t have to compete against big brand names because 97% of the top Pinterest searches are unbranded! This gives even smaller businesses the opportunity to be seen.  

Why Am I Not Getting Results on Pinterest?

If you’re not beginning to see results on Pinterest, there are many areas of the platform that will need to be taken into consideration:

  • Pins – type and style
  • Captions – engaging and informative
  • Keywords – well researched and up to date

Understanding how to read your Pinterest analytics is crucial for you to be able to strategically alter your plan in order to experience more traction on the platform. Once you have a solid understanding of your baseline and where you want to be, it’s time to get to work.


If your business ebbs and flows with the seasons—consider how you can adjust your content to fit the current season in order to appeal to a larger audience. While your service or product will not change, how you present it will.


When was the last time you researched the latest keywords for your industry?

Keywords are important to achieve results on Pinterest. Learn more about how to find and use keywords on this blog post.

If you want to be seen by your target audience, you will need to take time to find out what they are searching for. This information will be ever changing, so it is critical that you keep your keyword research up to date.


When it comes to the style, design, and type of pins you share—your audience matters. The target audiences of a construction business and women's boutique are very different. Therefore, the pins that these businesses create will also look entirely different from one another.

Experiment with different text overlays (or no text at all), designs, colors (staying true to your brand), and layout.

Are you utilizing idea pins? Idea pins can be a great way to catch Pinterest user’s attention, share valuable information, and gain more followers. Work towards increasing your ratio of idea pins vs. static pins.

Achieving the Results You've Been Hoping For

It’s important not to feel discouraged when you don’t start seeing results immediately—they take time! Pinterest in particular typically takes 3-6 months to begin seeing results.

Are you looking for help creating and executing a Pinterest marketing plan for your business? Let’s get the conversation started about how the Mama Hen Media team can support you on this new journey.

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