Our Top 3 Stock Photo Websites

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Beautiful imagery can be the difference between another sale and a lost customer! It is an important element in your marketing plan. While using your own images is always ideal, it can be challenging if you’re in the beginning stages of marketing or your team is all online.

Have you already attempted to piece together your branding? Then you may have learned consistency can get a little tricky when you pull photos from various places on the internet.

That’s where styled stock photos come in!

Styled stock photo subscriptions alleviate the pressure of consistent, attractive branding. They make it easy to create beautiful graphics, Instagram feeds, and Pinterest pins.

Here are a few of our favorite stock photo websites:


When you start out using stock photos for your business, it’s common to choose free or inexpensive options before jumping in with a full-stock photo subscription. However, free websites don’t always offer the quality you need to make your brand shine.

Kaboompics is a great middle-ground for styled stock photos. Their images are high-end, and they don’t require membership, but they have limited photos to choose from.

Why Choose Kaboompics?

  • Free
  • High-Quality Images
  • Styled Photography
  • Easy Search Option

You can find out more about Kaboompics here!

Ivory Mix

To call Ivory Mix a stock photo site is really a disservice—they offer so much more! Ivory Mix was one of the first investments I made for my business, even before I had a website.

It has proven to be one of the most valuable resources for Mama Hen Media as we grow. Ivory Mix has provided resources and marketing education that have helped my business thrive.

If you’re looking for gorgeous, feminine imagery for your brand—Ivory Mix is it! With free and quarterly membership payment options—this stock photo website is one every business, big and small, can utilize.

Why Choose Ivory Mix?

  • Affordable (Free options too!)
  • Styled Photography
  • Templates
  • Marketing Courses and Resources

Need a few more reasons why we love Ivory Mix? Check out my blog all about it here!

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Last but certainly not least is Pixistock.

Have you ever hopped on the computer to plan, create, and schedule your content and felt completely stumped? Pixistock offers many resources to help you grow your business and social media.

They not only provide beautiful stock photos but also have a great content planner so that you’re never left wondering what to post next.

Why Choose Pixistock?

  • Content Planner
  • Styled Photography with Diverse Models
  • Educational Resources
  • Templates
  • Trending Audio Recommendations

I loved Pixistock so much I invested in a lifetime access membership! Learn more about what Pixistock has to offer here!

Mama Hen Media Marketing

Out of all the stock photo websites, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are worth investing in! Here at Mama Hen Media, we use several stock photo websites. This gives us the option to choose from a wide variety of stock photos while also keeping things consistent across all of our platforms.

Ready to create cohesive, beautiful marketing resources? We can help! Schedule a discovery call today.

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