Pinterest Trends December 2022

It may come as no surprise to see that many of the search terms that are currently trending on Pinterest are related to the holidays.  We can also see that people are starting to plan for what's next too.  Let's take a look at what's trending in the United States on Pinterest in the last 30 days. 

Christmas Home Decor trends for 2022

With the Christmas season upon us, people are frequently searching for inspiration on how to decorate their homes for the season.  This includes searches for “Christmas decor ideas”, “Christmas tree ideas”, “Outdoor Christmas decorations,” and “Elf on the Shelf ideas.”

Pinners are also searching for ways to improve the design of their spaces with search queries like “dorm decoration”, “living room designs”, “pastel wall color ideas”, and “kitchen ideas.”

Looking ahead, searches for “Organization ideas spring” are on the rise.  They are up 200% over last month. 

HOT TIP: If you share content related to spring organization, start planning and creating that content now.   You'll be able to start pinning it on Pinterest and capture Pinners while they are still in the planning stages. See if these topics inspire you:

  • How to organize your garage for spring
  • My favorite products for organizing your home
  • DIY organization ideas
  • How to declutter your home this spring

Winter Fashion trends

Are you in the beauty or fashion niche?   It's all about the outfits!  Searches are up for “winter outfits”, “business casual outfits”, and “trendy outfits.”  Take this opportunity to educate and inspire your audience on how to put pieces together for a complete look. 

DIY Christmas ideas

People are all in on the holiday season in the DIY space.   Searches for “Christmas crafts”, “DIY Christmas ornaments”, and “DIY Christmas gifts” are up 200-300% over last month. 

If you are planning to share this type of content on Pinterest, you're really too late.  (Christmas is just 2 weeks away!)

We suggest you share these topics on other content platforms, like social media, for now.  Incorporate them into your content plan for around September of 2023 to give them enough time to be indexed in Pinterest for the 2023 holiday season. 

holiday Food and drinks

Searches are on the rise for “Christmas cookies”, “turkey recipes”, and “hot cocoa bar” as Pinners plan to create delightful meals for their friends and family. 

But we know that this is a busy time of year, and finding easy and delicious recipes for the every day is important too!  Pinners are looking for “mac and cheese recipes”, “dinner ideas”, and “easy dinner recipes.” 

If this is your niche, here is some content inspiration for how you can serve your audience: 

  • Easy healthy dinner recipes
  • Simple and quick dinner recipes your family will love
  • How I use meal planning to simplify weekday meals

Learn more about ways to plan your content with Pinterest trends in our other blog post. 

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