The Benefits of Using Instagram Stories

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When you hop onto Instagram, you are likely not looking for a lengthy article to read and analyze. The average Instagram user has a very short attention span. One great way to capture their attention is by creating interactive and engaging Instagram stories.

Did you know there are more than 500 million active Instagram story users?

This is an incredible opportunity for your business!

How to attract your ideal audience on Instagram.

Let’s face it—Instagram stories can be pretty addicting. They’re a quick way to check in on your favorite influencer’s day-to-day life or see the highlight of your friend’s week.

There are many reasons these stories are so highly successful at captivating our attention. One reason is that our brains are wired to recognize faces. Instagram stories provide a great opportunity for us to get in front of the camera and work on our brand recognition.

Another reason we find ourselves tapping through all of those little bubbles is that Instagram stories often build suspense for viewers. Naturally, we want to know what happens next.

Businesses can leverage this to create content that brings their ideal customer back time and time again!

4 Reasons to Use Instagram Stories for Business

If you’re still not convinced your business needs an Instagram story strategy, here are a few more reasons to use Instagram stories.  

Mixed Media

Instagram stories allow you to create content however is most convenient for you: 

  • Static Content
  • Videos
  • Interactive Engagement – Polls, Quiz, Ask a Question, etc. 

Capture Your Audience’s Attention 

Instagram stories are a great way to capture the short attention spans of Instagram users by creating content they can engage with or that leaves them in suspense about what comes next.  

Create Connections

We’ve mentioned it before, but we’ll say it again—you must build real relationships with your followers! This allows them to get to know you and your brand. The pressure is off for everything to be aesthetically pleasing and perfect. Instagram story viewers are more interested in seeing behind the scenes in a casual, relaxed manner.  

Direct Message Your Ideal Client 

No one wants to receive spammy content from any account they are following. Engaging stories give you real opportunities to get to know your audience by utilizing polls and asking questions.

Create a Strategy with Mama Hen Media

Mama Hen Media will help you develop and implement an Instagram story strategy that works for your business. Our team of marketing experts will help you stay on top of Instagram’s best practices, engage with your audience, and ultimately watch your business grow. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can support you—get in touch today!

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