The importance of Customer Service, and the animal in my house

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There is a creature living in my walls. We hear it scratching in our master bathroom in the middle of the night. I can hear it scuffling during the day in my office, just above where my printer sits.

I like to think it is an adorable family of squirrels, storing nuts for the winter, but it could just as well be rats. With woods behind our house, rampant with wildlife, it could be anything, really.

We called two exterminators and explained the situation.

Exterminator 1 could come on Tuesday. Exterminator 2 took the time to explain their process, pricing, and guarantee. But they were not available until Thursday.

I was desperate for a good night’s sleep without Scratchy, so we scheduled Exterminator 1. They gave us a window of 8 am -12 pm. No one came or called during that time.

At 3:30, I received a phone call.

Exterminator 1: “Um, I am supposed to give you a price for rat removal.”

Me: “No, actually, you were supposed to come today to see if it is in fact rats. We think it might be squirrels.”

Exterminator 1: “Oh, we don’t have any wildlife inspectors available until next month. We can’t trap squirrels, just mice or rats. I mean, if a squirrel gets caught in our rat trap, we’ll dispose of it for you. We won’t just leave the dead body in your attic.”

Me: 🤯 😮 😳

Exterminator 1: “I can have a tech stop by tomorrow to see if they can find droppings, but if it is squirrels, we have to block them from entering the home, so that’s usually about $1300.”

Me: “Wow- that’s quadruple the price you gave when we scheduled the inspection that was supposed to happen today.”

Exterminator 1: “So, you want someone to come by tomorrow?”

Me: 🙄 🙄 🙄

 But, this had me thinking about the importance of customer relationships. 

 What is your relationship with your service providers?

Are they vague about cost? Do they miss appointments? Do they try to sell you on a service that you might not actually need? Or do they set an expectation, and follow through?

At Mama Hen Media, providing excellent service is a cornerstone of our business. We are strong communicators, making sure each client feels supported. We take the time to understand the specific needs of your brand so we can deliver a personalized strategy that delivers results.

Guess what- we are going with Exterminator 2. Stay tuned to find out what kind of critter it is.

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