The Mama Hen Media Content Marketing Strategy

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Are you getting ready to take the dive into the world of marketing your business? If you are hoping for results but unsure what your next steps should be, our content marketing strategy may be the solution you have been looking for. From Pinterest and Blogging to Email and Social Media our marketing team is ready to help.  

The Marketing Specialists You Need to Create a Cohesive Marketing Plan

Here at Mama Hen Media, we take women-owned businesses under our wings by nurturing and growing their audience.

We believe in a cohesive marketing strategy that targets every area of your online presence. Each platform is an essential piece to the puzzle, and we work hard to leave no stone unturned.

Our team offers done-for-you Pinterest, Blogging, and Email Marketing services with Social Media as an add-on service option. Through our high-touch personalized approach, you have more time for family, for yourself, and for focusing on the parts of your business you love the most.

Our Proven Marketing Strategy That Works

We believe a strong foundation is key to a successful business. We also know it doesn’t stop there.

Building strong connections with your audience is arguably just as important, if not more.

How do we do it? Through 3 essential components that make up the foundation of all that we do:

  • Nest
  • Nurture
  • Flock


The first step in our process is to take a thorough audit of your current accounts. We do this to establish a baseline and determine where our services are needed most. Through a careful review of your social media platforms, email marketing, and Pinterest account, we establish a marketing strategy that will help to strengthen and optimize your online presence.


Once a firm foundation is set, it’s time to capture the attention of your audience, welcome them in, share resources, and build connections.

This piece of the strategy takes time. It requires engagement, writing blogs and emails, and creating resources to teach your audience about your brand and values.

We walk with you every step of the way–from creating your content to being readily available to answer questions, discuss new ideas, report progress, or summarize your most recent successes.


Finally, continuously strengthening the connections you created at the start is vital. We’ll help you by engaging with your customers to foster relationships that are built on trust for your brand.

The bonds you create will help you grow your followers, and with time and consistency, achieve the goals for growth we established together in the beginning.

How We Apply Our 3-Part Marketing Framework

Applying our Nest, Nurture, and Flock marketing approach will look a little different for each platform.


  • Nest – We’ll take a thorough audit of your account to ensure your using keywords, creating engaging pins, and reaching the audience you desire.
  • Nurture – After careful research, we’ll create optimized pins and descriptive captions to help you target your ideal pinner.
  • Flock – We’ll continue to create resources for your audience that will help build and strengthen your connections.


  • Nest – We’ll take a look at how well your posts are performing, how far they’re reaching, your hashtag strategy, and more.
  • Nurture – Our team will help you develop valuable resources for your audience, shared in appealing graphics and reels with engaging captions.
  • Flock – We’ll spend time each day engaging with your followers and target audience to build trust around your brand.

Email Marketing

  • Nest – Our marketing experts will evaluate your current email marketing plan, open rate, and more to see where there is room for improvement.
  • Nurture – A welcome sequence is the perfect start to ensuring your subscribers don’t forget your brand.
  • Flock – Continuing to share new resources and useful information alongside your promos, services, and content is a great way to strengthen the relationships you have with your subscribers.


  • Nest – We’ll take a look at your blog and help you determine areas for improvement including your SEO, content calendar, and more.
  • Nurture – Our team will help you develop a content marketing plan and write blogs that will captivate your audience’s attention and improve your organic reach.
  • Flock – Sharing your expertise and providing real value is the best way to keep your readers returning for more.

Let’s Make a MHM Marketing Plan

We understand that connecting all of the pieces of your marketing plan can feel very overwhelming. Our done-for-you approach makes it easy for you to step back and watch as it all falls into place. Ready to experience the difference MHM’s streamlined process can make? Let’s work together!

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