The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Pinterest Pins in 2022

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Pinterest can be a very powerful marketing tool to get your brand on your target audience’s radar. If that’s where your ideal customer is hanging out—that’s where you need to be! However, not just any ol’ Pinterest account is going to cut it.

Optimizing your Pinterest account and pins to help pinners find you and your content is critical!

Benefits of Optimized Pinterest Pins

An optimized Pinterest pin is one that grabs the attention of those who need to see it most! One of the best things you can do when creating new pins is to ensure that it is “fresh content”. Pinterest prioritizes new content because they have found that users are more likely to interact with pins they haven’t seen before.  

If your pin has been optimized, it will show up on your ideal client’s feed, catch their attention, and have them following through with whatever your call-to-action is. This will help you get eyes on your content, drive more traffic to your site, and increase your sales!

Important Components of Your Pinterest Pins

There are many different elements that come into play when creating a great Pinterest pin. Once you’ve created a scroll-stopping pin, the “behind-the-scenes work” begins—and it’s just as important as a pretty graphic.

Graphic or Visual

What are your customers coming to Pinterest to learn or discover? It’s important to keep them in mind when creating a new pin visual. It is for them after all!

  • On Brand – You’ll want to keep your pins on brand to create brand awareness. Consistency in your branding will help you build trust and will allow your audience to easily recall your brand.
  • Vertical Image with 2:3 Ratio – This ratio will ensure your pin is aesthetically pleasing and fits within the platform’s restrictions.
  • Text Overlay – More often than not, text overlay is a good idea. It will help pinners distinguish between content that interests them and that which does not. Read all about the dos and don’ts of text overlay here!

Title + Description

Here is where the “behind-the-scenes” work comes into action. Thorough research about your audience and what they are searching for is key!

  • Title – Only the first 30 characters (out of 100) will show up without having to click “see more”. Keep it simple and concise.
  • Clear Messaging – Your description will be where pinners get the bulk of their information about your pin. What relevant information do they need to know? Keep it clear and engaging—especially the first couple of sentences!
  • Keywords – Keywords are one of the most crucial details of an optimized Pinterest pin. They help pinners discover your content. Just like any other search engine, users need to be able to search for your content and find it! Read our recent blog all about how to find keywords for Pinterest to learn more!
  • Call to Action – Your description should include a call to action! If you’re trying to grow your email list, direct them to your lead magnet. If the main goal of the pin is to drive traffic to your website and increase sales, include your web address.

You can learn more about the anatomy of a pin here!

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