Tips and Tools to Speed Up Your Content Creation

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Every business with a solid marketing strategy must create content of some kind. For business owners, this feels like a burdensome task—either it takes too long, you feel uninspired, or you feel like it just never comes out right! 

What if I told you that content creation didn’t have to be a lengthy task on your to-do list? You can learn to put systems and processes in place to create high-quality content efficiently. 

A Content Calendar is being used to batch content and create a content strategy to boost visibility.

How to Make Content Creation Easier

Content creation is fun for some, but if it doesn’t come naturally to you you’re probably looking for ways to make it a little easier.  

Here are a few simple but effective ways to make content creation faster and easier (without compromising on quality):  

Plan Ahead 

Having a content strategy will help you create clear and cohesive content. When you know what content is coming up for your business, you’ll be more prepared when you sit down to create. If you’re struggling to get organized, we’ve done a lot of the legwork for you with our Content Planning Calendar.  

The Content Planning Calendar allows you to have a solid plan mapped out and ready to go.  This tool helps keepyour content cohesive and focused on your goals. 

Batch Create Content 

Batch create content to speed up the content creation process and improve your productivity and focus. Keeping your brain in the mindset of one specific task will help you create faster and more efficiently.  

Tasks you can batch to boost your productivity during content creation include:  

  • Researching Topics 
  • Writing Captions 
  • Creating Graphics 
  • Sourcing Visuals 
  • Scheduling Content  

Read my blog post, Boost Your Productivity with Content Batching, to learn more! 

Create a Stock Image Library 

Sourcing images from different stock photo websites each time you create a piece of content can be so time-consuming. Creating a stock image library in your Google Drive or Canva will help keep your images cohesive! It will also help you be more efficient when creating content because you can go straight to your image library instead of hunting down a visual that matches your branding.  

Set aside time to create your stock image library in one sitting, so that you can use the resource again and again in the future.  I like to source my images from several different sites, including CanvaPixistock, and Ivory Mix.  I will browse the images and collect those that fit my brand aesthetic, and put them in a folder right in my Canva account, so they are accessible each time I am creating content.

Repurpose Your Content 

Repurposing your content is one of the most effective ways of creating content quickly. Whether you’re repurposing a blog into multiple Instagram posts or a Facebook graphic into a Pinterest graphic (Canva’s resize function is very useful for this)—repurposing content will save you a lot of time!   

Tips and Tools to Speed Up Your Content Creation 1

Content Creation Tools for Digital Marketing 

Now that you know a few helpful tips to help you create content more efficiently, here are a few tools that can also help you increase your productivity and improve your content creation processes:  

Canva Pro 

It’s no secret that we love Canva around here. Canva can be especially helpful when trying to create good content quickly.  

Two ways that Canva can help make content creation easier include:  

  • Canva Brand Kits – Brand kits help you store all your brand assets (fonts, colors, logos, etc.) for easy access. 
  • Template Sets – Having prepared templates for your various online platforms (Pinterest pins, Instagram stories and feed posts, etc.) will allow you to create content efficiently.  

Instagram Caption Prompts

Do you ever feel stuck or uninspired when it comes to captions for your posts? Our Instagram caption prompts will be a great addition to your content creation toolbelt.  

The Instagram caption prompts make creating fresh, new content simple with easy, customizable fill-in-the-blank templates.  

Content Planning Calendar 

We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again because this content planning calendar is an invaluable tool and resource when it comes to creating new content for the weeks and months ahead. A streamlined approach makes all the difference.  

Content Planning Workbook 

Creating cohesive content is critical for your brand! Use this content planning workbook to help you define your goals, provide value to your audience, outline your email marketing, and ultimately, feel confident in your content marketing plan. 

Create Content Efficiently with Mama Hen Media 

Are you interested in getting content creation off your to-do list for good? Here at Mama Hen Media, we make quality content creation easy! Creating content that’s cohesive, effective,  and true to your brand is what we love to do. If you’re ready to get started with a content marketing plan that drives growth across multiple platforms to explode your visibility online, set up a discovery call today!

Tips and Tools to Speed Up Your Content Creation 2