Updates to Pinterest Metrics

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This week, Pinterest announced some pretty significant changes to their metrics.  I look forward to the improved accuracy that the analytics can provide going forward.  I also appreciate a platform that is open to making improvements to better serve the user. 

So what’s changed? 

What we used to call ‘close ups’ are now called ‘pin clicks,’ and what we used to call ‘link clicks’ is now called ‘outbound clicks.’  This is really a more accurate description of the behaviors. Outbound clicks is when people actually go to your destination URL. 

You may see some decline on this metric, since they are no longer including when people zoom in for a closer look at your pin.  (That is now included as an impression.) Only clicks to your URL are included. 

You will also see ‘monthly views’ added to your metrics.  This is different from the previous ‘monthly viewers’ metrics that was previously used, and will indicate how many times your pin was shown on a screen.

Pinterest Algorithm Changes

For paid ads, ‘traffic’ is now called ‘consideration.’ This is helpful, since ‘traffic’ was a little misleading.  Pinterest meant it as people who saw your pin, but it could be interpreted by a user as actual traffic to their website. Next month, they will be enhancing budgeting across ads, with the transition to campaign level budgets. 

Pinterest is making the data available to us more accurate, and creating consistency between their organic and paid ads reporting. 

Any time we see a change to a platform or algorithm, it can cause a little panic.  Take a deep breath, and don’t worry.  Even though you may see a decline in some of your numbers, you are actually getting more accurate reporting.  Better reporting gives us better information for developing and tweaking your Pinterest marketing strategy. 

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