Using Pinterest in my Home Office Redesign

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Home Office Design Advice-find inspiration on pinterest! 

While I am lucky enough to have a dedicated home office, it is far from inspiring. Filled with hand me down furniture and piles of paperwork, it doesn’t give off the organized and chic mom boss vibe that I want.

For the first time ever, I have decided to work with an interior designer, Mollee Johnson of Style1519. I could not be happier.  (You guys should check her out- I will leave all her info at the end of this post.)  Mollee is in Chicago and I am in New York, so we are doing all of the planning virtually. Along with video conferencing, emails, and floorplans, one of the tools I am using for the redesign is Pinterest.

As a search engine, Pinterest is the go-to platform for finding ideas and solutions.  I certainly wouldn’t go to Instagram and search #homeoffice.  I mean, I could, but it would not be as comprehensive.

I wanted to start with my desk and build the rest of the room around that piece.  With plans to accommodate distance learning, and space for a long desk, I wanted to find something that would suit our needs. In Pinterest, I searched for “2 person desk,” and browsed the options.  I found one that I loved, saw that the price was in my budget, and purchased it without ever leaving the platform.

This is why I love Pinterest.  (As both a user and a Pinterest Marketer.) Users are primed to purchase.  They are looking for inspiration and solutions. As a business owner, are you visible on the platform as the solution to those problems?  E-commerce business owners have a huge opportunity to get in front of their customers, expand their audience, and increase their sales through strategic Pinterest Marketing.

Since Pinterest now knows that I have been searching for a desk, my Smart Feed has been suggesting all sorts of wonderful pins; how to organize a home office, productivity tips, other home office pieces.  This tells me that those pins were properly keyworded to show up as suggestions for me.

The pieces to my new office will be trickling in over the next week.  I will be sure to share photos of the completed project!

Interior Designer: Mollee Johnson

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