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A woman wraps a Christmas present. It is a white box with a white bow and sprig of greenery.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..

“Wait, Samantha,” you might be thinking, “It's August.  My kids haven't even gone back to school yet.” 

Don't blame me for the exceptionally early Christmas spirit.  It's what's trending!

Pinterest users, in general, tend to be the plan-ahead type, usually starting their Holiday pinning in September.  According to Pinterest, Christmas related searches have been on the rise since April this year.  Yes, that's right. APRIL.  Holiday related searches are 158% higher than last year. 

As you might guess, a lot of this has to do with the psychology of the effects of the pandemic.  People just want something to look forward to!  As we all adjust to the new version of reality, planning for a happy event is actually a form of coping.  50% of Pinners surveyed say that they are looking to take the holidays “to the next level” this year. There's also concerns about product shortages and shipping delays that contribute to the early Holiday planning. 

So what does this mean for you, as a business owner?  Give the people what they want!  While I am not advocating going full on Santa and snowflakes in your content, I do advise you to incorporate some of the key areas in your messaging.

Comfort. Searches related to the word “cozy” are on the rise, as we all adjust to more time at home, and the desire to make that comfortable.  

A return to traditions.  Use the classic red and green, hi light the value of family, discuss Holiday customs, and share old fashioned recipes and crafts. 

Online shopping.  We know that in-store shopping experiences, like Black Friday, have been on the decline as E-commerce has become more commonplace.  With social distancing measures, online shopping will be the go-to this Holiday.  Welcome your newbie online shoppers with payment options, good customer service, product reviews, and reassuring return policies. 

Treat yourself.  With such a difficult year, many buyers will be able to justify shopping for themselves, as well as those on their Christmas List. 

Do you have Holiday marketing ready to go?  Start to incorporate it in your messaging now!  Need more help creating content to get in front of your ideal customer?  Let me know!


A Christmas tree

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