What is Mama Hen Media?

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Eggs in various shades of brown on a marble countertop.

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life. It’s about what you inspire others to do.”

When you think of a mama hen, do you picture a chicken sitting on her nest? You’ll find that she is nurturing her eggs to hatch and growing her chicks.  At Mama Hen Media, we nurture our clients' accounts and help grow their audience.

Women supporting women

Years ago, when I started Just Ask for Sam LLC, I had a vision in mind to help other women grow their businesses, and as a result, grow their influence in this world. Since then, I have rapidly grown and nurtured a team of specialists to do the same.

Like most things, businesses grow and evolve and I realized that the name “Just Ask For Sam” implied that it was just me creating the content and nurturing these relationships with my clients. It was time for a change! 

We recently rebranded and relaunched in June 2020. Inspired by my own flock of backyard chickens, we became Mama Hen Media. 

The name Mama Hen Media also lends itself to some fun chicken references.  Our team is called “The Flock.”  We take clients under our wings. On our blog, you can see what is ‘freshly hatched.” 

Our goal:

At Mama Hen Media, we take women-owned businesses under our wings and help them unlock sales through smart content marketing strategies.

The word “Mama” was included in our brand name to reinforce one of our brand pillars; supporting other women.

Mama Hen Meaning-Nurturing our Flock

We take the time to nurture a relationship with our clients so that we can take marketing tasks off their plates. This gives them the ability to spend more time creating the ideas that make their business grow and spend time with their families. 

Our team consists of other women (mostly mothers) working remotely all over the U.S., allowing them a flexible schedule to find work-life balance. 

Visit us at MamaHenMedia.com to learn more about our brand and the services we offer. 

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