Pinterest Keywords: Where to find them and how to use them

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When you hear the words “Pinterest Keywords,” what comes to mind? It can sound a little scary doesn’t it? But it’s really a lot more simple than you might think! Remember, Pinterest is an enhanced search engine tool- just like Google, but more image-focused. 

When most people have a question they don’t know the answer to, they head straight for Google and type into the search bar. Pinterest keywords are just like that, the question that a user has and needs to find a solution.

What Do Keywords Do?

Users come to Pinterest for inspiration for their next party, home remodel or outfit inspiration for their next event or trip. The words that they search are the keywords you want to use in your content. When you have more keywords in your copy, people are more likely to find you in their search. 

This is also a way to help the platform categorize content. There are millions of different pieces of content on Pinterest.  It would be pretty chaotic if there wasn’t an easy way to just search for a certain category!

Where To put Pinterest Keywords?

There are a few places on your profile that you should be using these keywords to optimize your account and drive more traffic to it. 

  • Board Names and Descriptions
    • You’ll want to name your boards with the words that you know your audience is searching for on a regular basis. Mama Hen Media focuses on helping our clients with their online marketing so it makes sense that we use words like “Pinterest Marketing” or “Instagram Marketing” for our board names.
    • It’s also a smart idea to include these same words in the description of your board.
  • Your Profile –
    • When you’re building your “About” section and creating your name, make sure to add some keywords that you know your target audience is likely to search. For example, Mama Hen Media- Content Marketing for Online Shops.
    • We also have a few keywords in our short “About” section to draw in our target audience. Remember you’re only allowed 160 characters so be sure to use them wisely. If you have to, abbreviate words like “with” or “and.”
  • Pin Description –
    • Just because you’ve used keywords in your board name, description and profile doesn’t mean that you should stop there! Continue to use these words when you’re creating the copy for each pin. Users won’t always find your brand’s board right away but they’re more likely to find a single pin in their search.
  • Text Overlay in Images –
    • If you’re planning on including text in the images that you’re pinning, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to include the keywords that are being searched. It’ll stand out to users when they’re mindlessly scrolling through all the content.
    • In the back of their minds they’re thinking about what they’re searching for, as soon as they see those words right on their screen, they’ll definitely want to click on the image.
  • Content that the Pin leads to –
    • The images that you have on your Pinterest boards are most likely leading your ideal customer to another link- your website, shop, etc. You’ll want to make sure that wherever your pin is leading the user to also includes the keywords that they have been searching for.
    • It makes their experience much easier and more likely to purchase your product. 

Places to Find the Best pinterest Keywords

Any successful brand knows that research is key when it comes to showing up in front of your target audience. The same goes for Pinterest! Don’t just pull random words out of thin air and hope that these are what’s currently trending.

  • Search Bar – 
    • The search bar is the first place you should try. Once you start typing in the words that describe your brand’s products, Pinterest will populate a list of trending searches right underneath the bar. These are the keywords you’ll want to include in your content.
  • Other Successful Pins –
    • It makes no sense to try to reinvent the wheel. Use what other successful pins in your niche have used. Why start from scratch when you can just use what’s already working!
  • –
    • Create a spreadsheet and head to this website to look up the current trends.
  • Pretend You’re Creating an Ad –
    • What do you want your audience to know about your brand? What words describe your brand the best? Use these in your research to see what’s trending and what’s not. 

It’s so important to do all the research that you can before you create a bunch of content for Pinterest. The last thing you’ll want is for your beautiful images to be a complete flop because no one was able to find you. Once users do find you, make sure to create such an easy customer experience that buying from you is no question at all. Pinterest users are on the platform searching for solutions to their problems, you’ll want to make sure that you’re the source they get it from. 

Check out Mama Hen Media and see more about what we offer our clients when it comes to Pinterest Marketing! We’re here to help make things easier for you! 


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