Why I Love the Ivory Mix Stock Photo Membership

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A black and white camera is sitting on a white table to represent the best sources for stock photography.

As an entrepreneur, sometimes it can feel lonely, like you’re the only one working your business and creating everything for your business. After a while it can definitely feel overwhelming and sometimes maybe even leave you feeling like your business is defeating you.

But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Here at Mama Hen Media, we use several tools and processes to batch out content and streamline our workflows. One of the first investments I made in my business was a stock photo membership with  Ivory Mix.  Their photos offer a wide variety of images that are well thought out and cohesive. Stock photos are useful for social media, email marketing, Pinterest, blog posts and so much more! 

Streamline Content Creation

I get it! Creating content can be time consuming and if you’re having to create a graphic from scratch, it can take even longer! One of the tools I absolutely love the most and am so glad I invested in is the Ivory Mix Stock Photo membership.

Each month, Ivory Mix supplies its members with new photos, as well as Canva templates that can be customized to fit your brand. I love getting inspired by new content and ideas the membership adds every month.  I also love the educational workshops that can be accessed on demand, as well as live trainings. 

You’re probably wondering how Ivory Mix is different from all the other tools out there available to you. As a member you’d receive: 

  • Instant access to thousands of products and months of content at your fingertips
  • Simple to use license for you and clients
  • Easy to use admin style writing templates
  • A thriving community of entrepreneurs
  • Access to members only workshops
  • Members only community, rewards and perks

But what really makes Ivory Mix so valuable to us at Mama Hen Media is the license to use it on client work.  Ivory Mix photos can even be used in creating digital products to sell. 

content creation for beginners

The Ivory Mix Stock Photo membership was one of the very first digital investments I made for my online business, and I am a customer for life. The value exceeds the price tenfold at least!  You can even try the photos out before committing to a membership! By subscribing to Ivory Mix’s email list, you will be sent FREE stock photos every month!  Learn more here. 

If you’re done with sitting at your computer for hours on end with no idea what kind of content to create or how to create it, sometimes you just need a little help to keep you going.  Other times, you just want to stop doing it at all.  Are you ready to hand over content creation to a team of professionals?  Here at Mama Hen Media, we will take timely marketing tasks off your plate so you can focus on creating and growing your business.  Whether it’s social media, Pinterest, or email marketing, we are here to help.  Apply to work with us here. 


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