Why We Love Storrito for Instagram Story Management

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A phone and computer are being used to create Instagram stories and reels.

Do you find yourself struggling to stay consistent on your social media platforms? If you’re working hard to manage the many different aspects of social media—there’s a high probability you’re going forget something somewhere along the line.

There are many tools that aid in planning your content, helping you get organized and stay on track, but what about Instagram and Facebook stories?

Instagram and Facebook stories are a beneficial way to increase engagement, connect with your audience, and encourage potential clients to take action.

If you’re looking to become more consistent in sharing stories on Instagram or Facebook, Storrito may be the story tool you’ve been looking for.

Storrito's Features

Storrito is a unique scheduling tool that allows you to get ahead of your Instagram or Facebook content scheduling and stay consistent! Storrito’s features are unique in that it is the only app that allows you to batch stories and have them auto-post to your preferred social media platform.

Flexible Pricing
Storrito offers a free trial of up to 50 stories posted to ensure it is the right program for you. Once you’ve decided you want to commit, you can choose from 3 different pricing plans depending on how many stories you intend on posting each month.

Add GIFs, Stickers, Links, and Text
Add different elements to your stories directly from Storrito! This allows you to fully prep your story before scheduling it for auto-posting.

Create Animated Stories
Storrito offers the ability to create animated story videos easily.

Collaborate with Team
Invite the whole team to allow for collaboration or a specific team member to create stories for your approval.

Access Canva
Storrito gives access to Canva’s thousands of Instagram story templates available for when you’re feeling stuck.

3 Reasons We Love Storrito

All the features above have been significant factors in choosing Storrito for our Instagram story scheduler—however, there are three primary reasons we love and use Storrito for Mama Hen Media:

  • Consistency on Stories – Having a consistent presence in your stories is extremely beneficial for increasing positive interactions on social media. Your audience can’t get to know your brand if you’re not engaging them.
  • Auto-Post – Have you ever created the perfect story for a specific day only to forget to post it? With Storrito’s auto-post feature—you can schedule that post immediately, so you don’t run the risk of forgetting ever again!
  • Freedom – Batching content cuts down on so much unnecessary time wasted and with Storrito, you’ll no longer have to jump on social media to schedule your story “real quick” only to get lost in the never-ending posts of Instagram.

Storrito has the potential of helping you grow your audience and business through quality content and consistent posting.

Work with Mama Hen Media

Interested in giving Storrito a try? Learn more or sign up here!

Mama Hen Media is committed to providing marketing services that make your life easier. If a story scheduler isn’t quite what you’re looking for—we’re happy to discuss the social media marketing services we provide to alleviate your workload. Apply to work with us today!


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