Why You Should Start Building an Email List Today

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A Travel Blogger works on her computer list to start building an email list.

Do you feel as though your business is getting lost in the sea of similar businesses offering the same products and services as you? Finding a way to stand out online can be a challenge.  

An email marketing list is one of the best ways to get direct access to your customers without working against all the noise on social media. We go into more detail on the how of building an email list in our blog 6 Ways to Grow Your Online Shop’s Email List—so now let’s discuss the why. 

Why should you start an email list for your business?  

The Benefits of Building an Email List

Every marketing strategy is helpful in its own way—email marketing ties it all together. With a growing list of email addresses, you’ll be able to send recent blog updates, business newsletters, alerts about upcoming sales, and more directly to those most interested in your brand.

Here are just a few of the many reasons having an email list is vital for your business:

1. Get Seen by Your Audience

Email marketing is a fantastic way to ensure your messages go straight to your audience. You’re not at the mercy of a platform’s algorithm—instead, every email you send pops right into their inbox.

According to Statista, a large percentage of email users are checking their emails multiple times a day or immediately following an email notification. This is a great opportunity for you to get eyes on your content  

2. Never Lose Your Platform

There have been a few days here and there when Facebook and Instagram have been completely shut down for the day. What if something happened and your entire social media presence was removed? Would you still be able to reach your customers and bring in a profit?

These are important questions to ask because the reality is we don’t own Facebook or Instagram; therefore, our content and reach are subject to someone else’s platform stability.

Secure your ability to be able to connect with your customer base through email marketing.

3. High Return of Investment

According to Litmus, the Return of Investment (ROI) with email marketing is a staggering $36 for every $1 spent! Imagine the potential that awaits your business.

There are many factors involved in seeing results such as these, including—and arguably, most importantly—building a connection with your audience.

How to Use Your Email List Effectively

Once you’ve determined the best lead magnet to build your list—it’s time to begin nurturing your audience. Jumping straight into the salesy stuff may have them searching for the unsubscribe button so begin by building trust through sharing valuable information that shows you are a knowledgeable expert in the field.  

By using an email service provider (ESP) such as ConvertKit or Klaviyo, you’ll have the ability to segment your audience so you can personalize your message. This will give you an opportunity to better connect with where your audience is at (e.g., just visited the site, have items in their cart, etc.) instead of just sending a broad email to all of your subscribers.  

Once you’ve built up the trust between your brand and your email subscribers, it’s time to start marketing your services or products. Begin setting up a sales funnel to drive sales and grow your business.  

Email List Growth Strategies-How the Mama Hen Media Team Can Help

Our team at Mama Hen Media is excited to work with you! We offer marketing services that will help your business grow and thrive by reaching those most interested in your brand with effective marketing strategies.

We believe marketing works better as a cohesive strategy involving multiple areas of your business—that’s why we bundle our services, ensuring you see the best results possible.

Explore the ways Mama Hen Media can help you capture, nurture, and convert your audience to grow your brand. 

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