Why Your Online Business Needs A Solid Brand Strategy

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Written by Karely Brinton, Branding For Women | www.brandingforwomen.com

I am so excited to share the expert advice from brand strategist, Karely Brinton.  I worked closely with Karely on the branding for Mama Hen Media, and couldn’t be happier with the results.  Read to find out why a brand strategy is so important for your online business. -Samantha, Mama Hen Media


“Brand Strategy”, what is that?

First let's start with what branding is not. The term “branding” often gets confused with logo design. A logo is not a brand.

A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or company. It is the reputation of the business. Your brand reputation deals with a lot more than your logo or even other designed visuals for your brand. It has to do with how you make your buyers feel. How you pull them in and entice them to want more… ultimately, your brand is why your customer chooses to buy!

A few things that are considered in the formation of a brand strategy:

  • How your target audience thinks, where they buy, why and how they buy, etc
  • Brand Positioning & Market Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Brand Messaging/ Successful Language
  • Brand Archetype/ Personality/Energy
  • Visual Appeal to the target audience
  • Etc.

You want to scale to the next level.

When business owners picture their business reaching their sales goals, they often attribute the growth to their marketing techniques. However, it is important to note that your marketing strategy is working to get your name OUT in front of new customers. Once new customers have discovered your business, the brand strategy is ultimately what PULLS them in and guides them to make a purchase!

Marketing Strategy = How you get your name out (Push Tactic)

Branding Strategy = How you pull people in (Pull Tactic)

Great branding = more sales!

Customers will buy because they personally connect with the brand, they will return over and over again, and refer their friends. They become raving fans! This is how a business reaches new levels of growth.

You want to be positioned in a specific way within your industry.

The best way to make sales is to sell to a very specific group of people; also known as your “Niche” or your “Target Audience”. Identifying a specific group of people and tailoring your message just to them has proven to increase sales time and time again. Brand Strategy is HOW you get their attention, communicate on their level, and draw them in. 

For example, perhaps you make custom earrings. You notice that there is a specific need for young children and babies who have sensitive ears… brand strategy will help you position yourself as THE ultimate maker of special earrings for little ones. 

What does this look like? Moms will refer other moms to you. Your brand will be top of mind for this specific situation. You will be known as the expert and authority in producing special earrings for babies. You will avoid attracting customers who don’t have a need for your specific earrings.

You want to make meaningful connections with your customers.

Have you ever come across an Instagram ad or walked past a store front and knew that you had to check it out? What motivated you to look into it further? Why did you choose to buy?

The answers to those questions have to do with that business’s brand strategy. You likely felt a personal connection with the business and every step along the way they surprised you and gave you exactly what you needed. Maybe even something that you didn’t realize you wanted!

You loved your experience so much that you Instagram it, tweet it, send it to a friend and tell them to check out the brand as well! You are 100% a fan and you plan to return for more in the future.

Creating a solid brand strategy for your business is the BEST thing you can do to create real relationships with your customers. It’s deeper than colors and logos, Brand strategy allows you to understand the mind of your audience and create a map that outlines exactly what needs to happen in order for them to buy. 

Questions? Feel free to shoot them my way! Connect with me at www.brandingforwomen.com.

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