Why Pinterest is an Important Element of Your Marketing Strategy

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It seems simple.  

If a single organic marketing strategy worked—everyone would be using it. However, the reality is that not all marketing platforms are for every business. Some businesses will thrive primarily using Facebook and Instagram—because that is where the majority of their audience spends their time. Others will need to explore alternative marketing channels.  

Pinterest provides a great opportunity to reach a wider audience, but is often overlooked because business owners don’t:  

  • Understand how it works 
  • Have the time or energy to learn a new platform  
  • Know if it’s worth the investment 

What if we told you you could reach new audiences, drive traffic to your website, and take your business to a new level with a solid Pinterest marketing strategy?  

A black laptop is being used to incorporate Pinterest into a cohesive marketing business strategy.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest is a platform where Pinners can save visual ideas and inspiration to boards to create a plan, brainstorm, or curate a specific look. Many Pinterest users come to Pinterest to be inspired when planning something new like the décor for their home or a big birthday celebration. 

According to Pinterest, 85% of Pinners head to Pinterest when beginning a new project

Using Pinterest for marketing allows you to get ahead of the competition and meet potential customers in the initial stages of their research rather than well into the project.  

The content you create then lives on their board forever (yes, pins last forever!), increasing your brand awareness and generating new leads. 

Does Pinterest Marketing Work?

Many business owners hesitate to explore using Pinterest in their marketing strategy because it is unfamiliar. Unfortunately, these businesses are missing out on potentially reaching 450 million Pinterest users each month.

Of course, here at Mama Hen Media, we’re big believers in using Pinterest as a part of your marketing plan, but we also understand that marketing does not begin and end with Pinterest.  

Pinterest is a top-of-funnel marketing platform. To get the full benefits, you must have the rest of your funnel in place and ready to go.  

Is Pinterest a great way to drive traffic to your website? Absolutely, but if you aren’t prepared with systems in place to retain, nurture, and convert that traffic—you are not going to get the results you’d like from your efforts.

Here are two important systems to have set up before driving traffic to your website:  

  • Lead Magnet to Capture Email Addresses  
  • Welcome Sequence to Nurture Your New Lead 

Creating a Pinterest Marketing Strategy with Mama Hen Media

Here at Mama Hen Media, we take the unknown out of Pinterest marketing. We’ll walk you through our process and create a full marketing strategy that works for your brand. Our team of marketing experts understand the importance of a complete marketing funnel.  We’ll create your custom content marketing funnel to explode your visibility online.  It may start with Pinteret, but it doesn’t end there.  We build your unique funnel with everything from blog, email, social media, and Pinterest marketing.  

If you’re ready to enhance and finetune your marketing strategy—contact MHM to get started

Why Pinterest is an Important Element of Your Marketing Strategy